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Lepanthes Caritensis.jpg

Re-Evaluation of Lifespan in a Neotropical Orchid

March 17, 2007

This article reassesses the lifespan of the neotropical orchid, endemic to Puerto Rico,  Lepanthes caritensis.


Pulse and the Closet:  Frameworks for an Eschatological Discourse (English)

June 16, 2021

One of the deadliest attacks on the queer community, specifically the queer community of color, occurred on June 12, 2016 at the disco  Pulse, a "safe" space for queer people. The “closet” has been a space of survival for many queer people, however it can also become a space of death, turning both places into cortical and eschatological spaces. Using the theoretical framework used by Vitor Westhelle in his book Eschatology and Space,  the author reflects on and challenges the safe/unsafe and in/out ambivalence that occurs in the queer community of color, arguing for the messianic power of queer to transgress the center with the spread of their gospel. The article is written in English.

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