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Eddie A. Rosa Fuentes

Queer | Scholar | Pastor | Activist | Speaker | Artist


Who am I

Eddie is an embodied Puerto Rican and queer story, who works with the reimagining of the human being through a decolonial method.  Its incarnation and life experience moves it to use multiple concepts that have been taken for granted in theology, looking for a way to reimagine them in a fugitive way. It moves in an interdisciplinary space and works with queer, decolonial, Caribbean and performance theories. Eddie's desire is to provide space to invite people to embrace their stories and embodiments.

Eddie is pastor of Trinidad Lutheran Church in Humboldt Park in Chicago. 

Academic Work

Research and Articles

Lepanthes Caritensis

Re-Evaluation of Lifespan in a Neotropical Orchid

March 17, 2007


Pulse and the Closet

June 16, 2021


Info: Courses and Workshops

As a passionate Theology and Religious Studies professor, Eddie takes pride in every course they teach. Their teaching style is interactive and liberationist.

Inicio: Cursos

Conferences and Presentations

Pulse and the Closet

February 15, 2019

Queer Theologians Illinois

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